How Did It Start?

400px-Seal_of_California.svgCommunity Choice Aggregation (CCA) was born in California in 2002 when the State Legislature passed AB 117, the Assembly Bill that allowed customers of the three investor owned utilities – Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison to form Community Choice Power programs.

The bill mandated that all ratepayers in participating cities and counties would be automatically enrolled in their local Community Choice programs with multiple and on-going options to stay with or return to the utility.

Our friend, Paul Fenn, came to California after Community Choice success with the Massachusetts Senate Energy Committee drafted the CCA law for California.


The first Community Choice programs took eight years to launch due to strong opposition by California’s IOUs and local unions who backed and supported 2010’s Proposition 16 in an unsuccessful and costly attempt to kill CCAs which failed at the ballot.


Marin Clean Energy became the first of California’s Community Choice programs to launch in May of 2010.

Find out who followed them


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