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SBCP Timeline Aug1

As of August 1, 2017 South Bay Clean Power cities are in the process of reviewing and analyzing the South Bay Clean Power Business Plan, JPA Template, Financial Strategy and Financial Models, along with a full range of supporting documents in order to compare their merits with the offerings from Los Angeles County (LACCE) as well as Lancaster Choice Energy’s consulting services.

 We delivered our SBCP JPA Template to cities in November of 2016 and our Business Plan in February of 2017. THEhe South Bay Clean Power Financial Strategy and models were delivered in July of 2017.

 The South Bay Clean Power Working Group outreach team is now in the process of meeting with and briefing the members of our SBCP Advisory Committee (electeds and staff), city-by-city, on our financial strategy and the next steps towards forming our CCA.  We’re answering their technical questions and helping them do their due diligence.

 In order to form our JPA and launch the CCA by June of 2018 with our Phase One of 28% customer enrollments,  cities will need to move judiciously in their decision-making process.  After-three-and-a-half years of Working Group research, continual community outreach, briefings of City Councils and City staffs, we believe we have put our cities in opportune position to respond in sync with our Launch Timeline.

customer phase in allocation by load

The Technical Implementation process details can be found here.

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