Where Are They Already Doing It?

Eight (8) Community Choice Power programs are now operating in California and with the launch of each, new lessons are learned and new best practices are identified and integrated.

DocumentMarin Clean Energy launched in May 2010.scp-1Sonoma Clean Power launched in May of 2014

REW_SanFranciscosCommunityClean Power SF launched in May of 2016

PCE_logo_en_webPeninsula Clean Energy launched in October of 2016

Screen-Shot-2016-12-20-at-12.15.55-PM-e1482265060797Silicon Valley Clean Energy launched in April of 2017

ShowImageApple Valley Choice Energy launched in April 2017

RCEA-Wordmark_trans_double_paddedRedwood Coast Energy Authority launched in May 2017 to become the 8th Community Choice program in the state.

And the next wave of Community Choice Power programs in California are getting ready to form and launch including South Bay Clean Power.  Find out who else is getting ready to take local control of their energy dynasty.

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