Technical Implementation Process

Executive-Director-Parking-Sign-K-5022To guide the implementation of South Bay Clean Power, an Executive Director with operational experience should be hired early on (by October 2017).
The Executive Director Request for Qualifications (draft forthcoming early August) solicits the qualities and experience necessary to ensure that SBCP’s contracting and implementation process is overseen by a senior staffer with relevant qualifications.
 A list of interview questions, and distribution lists from other CCA initiatives that have recently hired Executive Directors will also be provided.
 As a powerful project management tool to support the Executive Director, the SBCP Gantt Chart (draft forthcoming early August) details over 250 technical implementation steps to launch the SBCP CCA and Regional JPA on an expedited timeline (by Summer 2018). This deliverable is intended to be actionable, and for use by technical experts — it is detailed because it also captures the technical process steps that contractors are relied upon to provide (i.e. not just the actions taken by the CCA itself, regulators, et cetera.)
 Mapping out the CCA implementation process to a level of detail that identifies the dependencies between each action allows a Gantt chart to function as a ‘sliding scale’ of implementation sequencing. In a mechanical fashion, a change in the start date or duration of any single step flows through every future, related step — automatically updating and shifting the entire process and ultimate launch date of the agency. This identifies the “critical path”: the sequence of actions along which any delay directly pushes out the agency launch date. 
 Going into the contracting process, this allows each stakeholder — municipalities, committees, staff and potential contractors — to clearly see where they fit in and how they are expected to work together. In turn, this lowers barriers to entry for companies and nonprofits that provide expert services, but may not be familiar with all stages of the CCA implementation process. This will enhance competition under the RFP process, lowering prices bid and the overall quality of services from which to choose. 
 Throughout the implementation stage, the Gantt is a powerful management tool for the Executive Director, senior staff and key contractors to remain on-course, prioritizing the resolution of any issues that threaten to delay the critical path for program launch, or adapting as the critical path changes in response to real-world conditions.
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