Launch Plan

2017-07-08_15-18-30Ready for lift off?

South Bay Clean Power is Good to Go.

After three-and-a-half years of research, development, interviews, community outreach, briefing staffs and elected representatives, and working with the top Community Choice Power consultant in the industry, South Bay Clean Power has delivered the Business Plan that serves as a blueprint for launching the most advanced and most carefully designed Community Choice Power program in California.

And now that business plan is in the hands of staff and Council members in our South Bay Clean Power initiative cities under vetting review and evaluation, along with our recently released financial strategy, including launch funding and cash flow numbers through the crucial first five years of the Community Choice Power authority’s operation.

We think cities will see what the experts have seen.  That the South Bay Clean Power draft Business Plan delivers on managing today’s unprecedented risks while creating the first Community Choice Power program committed from day one to a Distributed Energy Resources buildout and future.

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