South Bay Clean Power

For the same or at lower price you’ll get:


  • Cleaner, greener electric supply for a healthier more prosperous future

  • No forms to fill out, no contracts to sign, no cost to join  

  • A smart, nonprofit program that pays for itself from the revenues it generates

  • The option of choosing 100% renewable power

  • Getting paid for your extra rooftop solar production, putting money in your pocket and speeding up your payback period

  • Local control of our energy supply and energy policy future

  • Job training and apprenticeship programs with local hire and targeted opportunities for women, minorities, veterans

  • A long term distributed energy resources buildout of the smart grid throughout our communities

  • New middle class jobs paying family-sustaining wages

  • New Rebates and incentives for rooftop solar, electric vehicles, chargers,  solar hot water, batteries and more

  • Special help for communities impacted by refinery and fossil fuel operations



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Teacher_Ed-Hero-1We are proud to be the only community based Community Choice Power initiative in Los Angeles County. Our effort started with a community organizer driven to cut greenhouse gas emissions – and is a true grassroots effort from the bottom up.

We think South Bay Clean Power’s community engagement and participation is critically important and yet another key point of difference between South Bay Clean Power and the Los Angeles Community Choice Energy (LACCE) program which is being driven by bureaucrats, politicians and consultants – all being paid with tax dollars.IMG_8622

We brought Community Choice Power to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in 2014, and then worked tirelessly to educate their staff and successfully collaborated with them on a variety of motions passed by the board in 2015 and 2016.


We’ve also worked for years to help spread the word about Community Choice Power through our outreach efforts across Los Angeles County, and beyond.

But we are disappointed at the top-down approach the LA County CCA program has taken from its inception. As a result of their lack of community and stakeholder inclusion and their lack of commitment to or leadership on any goals or objectives – including a 100% renewable power target, a partnership with labor, help for impacted communities or a Distributed Energy Resource future – we do not consider LACCE a Community Choice program, but rather a County Choice program.


South Bay Clean Power puts the Community in Community Choice and as a result our business plan and financial strategy benefit from the superior talents, skills and expertise of top free market professionals.



The South Bay Clean Power Business Plan has been reviewed analyzed by a wide variety of experts.