For the same or at lower price you’ll get:


  • Cleaner, greener electric supply for a healthier more prosperous future

  • No forms to fill out, no contracts to sign, no cost to join  

  • A smart, nonprofit program that pays for itself from the revenues it generates

  • The option of choosing 100% renewable power

  • Getting paid for your extra rooftop solar production, putting money in your pocket and speeding up your payback period

  • Local control of our energy supply and energy policy future

  • Job training and apprenticeship programs with local hire and targeted opportunities for women, minorities, veterans

  • A long term distributed energy resources buildout of the smart grid throughout our communities

  • New middle class jobs paying family-sustaining wages

  • New Rebates and incentives for rooftop solar, electric vehicles, chargers,  solar hot water, batteries and more

  • Special help for communities impacted by refinery and fossil fuel operations



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