There’s so much to love about Community Choice Power:


We love that our community actually gets a choice instead of a lifetime of electricity from the mandated, for-profit, investor-owned monopoly utility.

We love that our Community Choice Power program started with individuals in our community who created a grassroots coalition that went all the way from a single tiny beach town to teaching the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors what Community Choice Power is and then convincing them to fund a Countywide feasibility study.

We love that each of our participating cities will each have one of our democratically elected Councilmembers on the Board of Directors of our nonprofit power authority and that they will answer to us in ways no utility executive ever has.

We love that our Community Choice Power program is a nonprofit operation designed to serve our local people and not a corporation’s shareholders and investors.

We love that our Community Choice Power program’s focus on getting us to 100% renewable power with zero emissions is our community’s most powerful tool to fight climate change.

We love that the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 11 and the Los Angeles National Electrical Contractors Association are partnering with South Bay Clean Power to help create an economic and workforce development powerhouse.

We love that no tax dollars are used to run this program and that any funds used to develop and launch the program are paid back from the revenues of the program once it’s up and running.





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