It’s A New Day For Energy Storage In California

We’re about 2 years away from launching our own Community Choice Power program here in the South Bay and it’s great to know that options for renewable energy storage are going to make 100% renewable energy more and more possible.  Whether it’s utility scale storage or what the industry calls “behind the meter” storage in municipal, residential, commercial and industrial buildings.  

Last week Southern California Edison surprised the electric energy world when instead of ordering the expected 50 MW (megawatts) of energy storage, SCE instead ordered 250 MW of storage power.

Another important aspect of this move is that it was done on a completely level playing field.  SCE decided to purchase 250 MW of energy storage because it felt it had a higher value than any other generation asset (including natural gas, wind and solar).  That in itself is an extremely important positive note for the energy storage industry.

Navigant research

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