Welcome to the Future: Community Choice Power could take 60% of California’s Investor Owned Utility Business

According to our friends at the Center for Climate Protection:

The combined population of areas with existing and about-to-launch programs, as well as large population areas considering Community Choice programs, is about 17.6 million. If all of these had operational Community Choice programs by 2020, and if we subtract out the approximately 25 percent of Californians already served by Municipal Utility Districts (therefore ineligible for Community Choice), then about 60 percent of eligible Californians would be able to select Community Choice. This transformation would happen ten years from the time Marin Clean Energy went live.

As you can see from this chart the Center for Climate Protection produced the Los Angeles County is the undisputed Big Dog of all programs on the list. And it is with no shortage of pride that we point out that without South Bay Clean Power acting as the driving force catalyst and bringing our vision for CCA to the LA County Board of Supervisors, specifically Supervisors Don Knabe and Shelia Kuehl, there would be no LA County program. 2016-06-11_19-04-11

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