L.A. County Board of Supervisors’ Motion SuperCharges Community Choice Power

Thanks to the diligence, perseverance and responsiveness of Los Angeles County Supervisors Don Knabe and Sheila Kuehl and their staffs, our comments and recommendations on the Los Angeles County Community Choice Energy Business Plan were considered and addressed by this new motion being introduced at the LA County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, September 27, 2016.



We are deeply appreciative that South Bay Clean Power’s formal response, comments and recommendations report was so thoroughly considered and addressed by this new motion by Supervisors Knabe and Kuehl along with the supporting responses to the LACCE Business Plan also submitted by the Sierra Club, by the International Brotherhood of Electricians Local 11 along with the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association, by GRID Alternatives and by Food & Water Watch.

We are especially pleased that the next steps in LA County’s Community Choice program development will be under the able direction of the CEO of the County and will be assisted by the new LA County Chief Officer of Sustainability (still to be hired) and the County Counsel. Our only disappointment is with the continued involvement of ISD who we believe did an inadequate job on their last assignment on this project.

You’ll find the motion here on the September 27, 2016 agenda. Some of what the motion says, after the break – 

WE, THEREFORE MOVE that the Board of Supervisors instruct the Chief Executive Office, Chief Sustainability Officer, County Counsel, and ISD to:

1. Work with eligible an interested cities, labor groups,and other relevant stakeholders to:

a. Conduct extensive outreach to eligible cities, and clearly articulate to them the benefits and risks of forming LACCE.
b. Negotiate a JPA and governance structure for LACCE, with individuals authorized to represent interested and eligible cities, which shall incorporate the best practices in CCA governance as set forth in the JPA documents that govern the following CCAs: Marin Clean Energy, Sonoma Clean Power, and Peninsula Clean Energy. County Counsel shall negotiate the JPA on behalf of the County of Los Angeles and shall ensure that the JPA (i) reflects the County’s commitment to

providing affordable local green power that is significantly greener and more local than what is required by State law; and (ii) provides meaningful local representation of participating cities on the LACCE governing
c. Report back every sixty days on the progress of the JPA negotiations and the level of interest shown by eligible cities.

2. Conduct JPA negotiations until a JPA document is complete, with a target deadline of six months from Board adoption of this motion. Upon the completion of a negotiated JPA with interested cities, CEO shall present the following to the Board:

a. The proposed LACCE JPA and governance structure.
b. A recommended funding source for LACCE start-up costs.
c. Recommendations for staffing LACCE.
d. The final steps the County must take to initiate the creation of LACCE.
e. The final steps interested cities must take to join LACCE at launch.
f. The benefits and risks associated with creating and launching LACCE.

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