Yesterday’s CCA Panel at the Greentech Media California’s Distributed Energy Forum

Greetings from San Francisco where yesterday, South Bay Clean Power’s Acting Chair,  Joe Galliani, spoke on the Community Choice Aggregation panel moderated by GTM’s ace reporter, Julia Pyper, with fellow panelists, Becky Menten, Director of Customer Programs for Marin Clean Energy and Barry Vesser Deputy Director of the Center for Climate Protection.

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One Comment on “Yesterday’s CCA Panel at the Greentech Media California’s Distributed Energy Forum

  1. Wow – thanks so much for posting this highly informative panel discussion! The depths of Joe Galliani’s knowledge never cease to amaze. And since his delivery never ceases to both engage and entertain, learning from Joe is always such a true joy. (My favorite line here came at 18:18 when Joe mentioned the importance of the relationship between the CCA and the utility, and the unique experience our CCA has enjoyed here with SCE “…perhaps because they don’t have a ‘G’ in their name…” LOL! Quite understandably, Joe’s fellow panelist Beckie Menten of Marin Clean Energy couldn’t help but chuckle at that one!) 👍👏🙌


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