Torrance Becomes 5th City To Pass Community Choice Resolution

Tuesday night the Torrance City Council voted 7-0 in favor of Participating in a Community Choice Aggregation Feasibility Study.

Torrance joins Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica and Redondo Beach in passing the resolution. Each City has done so unanimously.

Torrance is the largest city of the 15 cities that make up the South Bay Cities Council of Governments and the biggest electricity user.

Next Tuesday night, February 3, the Carson City Council is expected to have the same resolution on its meeting agenda and is expected to become the 4th city in 4 weeks to do so.

One Comment on “Torrance Becomes 5th City To Pass Community Choice Resolution

  1. A good night in Torrance for CCA and the entire South Bay. Thanks to South Bay Clean Power for leading the effort to get CCA in the South Bay. I can’t wait to start feeding the excess solar power from our home rooftop PV system into our local grid and get paid fair market price for it!


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