West Hollywood Is Now 10th City To Unanimously Vote For Participation In South Bay Clean Power CCA Feasibility Study

Thanks to the decisive leadership and enthusiasm  of Mayor Linsay Horvath with support from Mayor Pro Tem, Lauren Meister, the WeHo City Council tonight became the 10th South Bay Clean Power target city to pass the resolution to participate in a CCA Feasibility Study.

The vote comes just weeks before the expected motion from the LA County Board of Supervisors to approve the CCA Task Force called for in the June 24, 2015 staff report.

The cities of Gardena, Malibu, Culver City and Inglewood are the next SBCP targets being asked to pass the non-binding, no cost resolution to be part of the feasibility study that will look at the viability of a Community Choice Power program for Los Angeles County cities who band together to aggregate their electrical use and form a non-profit JPA to procure their own energy from more renewable and local energy sources than the investor owned monopoly utility currently offers their citizens and businesses.

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