Top 5 Things LA County Community Choice Energy Business Plan Will Say

Even though the Los Angeles Community Choice Energy “Business Plan” which will combine a feasibility study with an implementation plan for the County’s CCA still hasn’t been published, those of us who have participated on the LA County CCA Task Force have a good idea of some of the headline items that will be in the plan. Here’s 5 things you can expect to see confirmed:

  1. Los Angeles Community Choice Energy can offer 50% renewable energy to its customers at a lower rate than Southern California Edison delivers 28% renewable energy.


2.  Los Angeles Community Choice Energy will save its ratepayers $20 – $100 million dollars.


3.  Los Angeles Community Choice Energy will create jobs, increase salaries and wages and create significant economic values throughout our local economy. 


4.  Los Angeles Community Choice Energy will dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions. 


5.  The risks of forming Los Angeles Community Choice Energy are manageable.


BONUS PREDICTION 6. Los Angeles Community Choice Energy will not be able to meet the milestone schedule it published in June 2016.


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