MCE recently completed its fifth annual cash out process for rooftop solar customers, offering $1,028,452 in check payments to buy the excess solar generated electricity from approximately 3,000 customers.

“It’s gratifying to see so many customers receive checks through MCE’s net energy metering program,” said Dawn Weisz, CEO of MCE. “Of the $1 million MCE offered to customers who produced more energy than they consumed in the last year, more than 20% was paid to local schools and public agencies. We’re proud to support solar customers and we salute them for adding 100% renewable power to our community energy supply.”

On June 21, the Benicia City Council accepted a check for $113,238.64 from MCE. MCE will also deliver a check for $28,343.84 to The West Contra Costa Unified School District at an upcoming Board meeting.

MCE supports customers who have solar with a different payment structure than PG&E, crediting customers at the full retail rate plus an extra penny per kilowatt-hour for electricity generated. A meter tracks the net difference between the amount of electricity their solar panels produce and the amount of electricity used during each billing month. When the panels produce more electricity than is used on-site, customers receive a credit on their bill.

Most customers with solar in California are required to forfeit any excess credits on their account each year through a “true-up” process, although a percentage of customers are entitled to receive a minimal payment at wholesale rates. MCE offers a better alternative, allowing customers who earn credits of $100 or more to cash out at their full retail rate, or simply roll the credits over into the next year.

MCE has also allocated $80,000 in rebates for new residential solar installations and partners with GRID Alternatives to offer $800 rebates to low-income customers who install solar panels.

Courtesy of our Friends at Marin Clean Energy: