South Bay Clean Power Presents JPA Agreement to Cities

One of the key steps in forming a Community Choice Aggregation program is the Joint Powers Authority (JPA) agreement that participating cities and counties sign to formalize their nonprofit partnership.

On December 15 in the presentation theatre of the South Bay Cities Council of Governments in Torrance, we held our 2nd meeting of the SBCP Advisory Committee with members attending both in person and on-line to review the details of the draft JPA our Working Group had submitted to cities to form a South Bay Clean Power CCA


The SBCP JPA draft was based on review of other CCAs Joint Power Authority agreements and selected the best elements for the South Bay Clean Power effort.


We hope to have each city’s attorney review the draft JPA document and report back to their City Councils with their analysis, input and recommendations.

One of the biggest issues in any JPA for a Community Choice program is – “How will the governance work?” How will cities be represented? How will the voting of Board members work?

Here is our draft JPA Governance overview with an example following of how weighted voting might work.



Presenting this draft JPA agreement is yet another milestone for the South Bay Clean Power initiative.

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