Epically Awesome Day for South Bay Clean Power at Business of Local Energy Symposium!

On Friday, May 5 at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach the Center for Climate Protection held their 3rd annual Business of Local Energy Symposium – known in the CCA world as the Big Kahuna of CCA.

This year’s opening speaker, California State Senator Ben Allen, who represents the South Bay and Westside cities of Los Angeles County, shared his insights on South Bay Clean Power’s unique approach and our leadership role on CCA in the biggest County in the state:

We appreciate Senator Allen sharing our history together and we proudly accept our grassroots, community leadership role on CCA and our responsibility to make our South Bay Clean Power CCA the progressive model for not only the LA County program, but also the Long Beach Clean Power initiative we started in 2016 and the new Orange County Clean Power initiative we are now heading.




California State Senator, Ben Allen (center), the Senator’s Senior District Representative Fernando Morales (left), and Joe Galliani of South Bay Clean Power (right) at the Business of Local Energy Symposium


Here are Senator Allen’s complete remarks as captured by Facebook lifestream video:


South Bay Clean Power’s Working Group Chair, Joe Galliani; with Sonoma Clean Power CEO, Geof Syphers; Angelina Galetiva, of the CAISO Board of Governors; Jennifer Kropke of the IBEW Local 11, SBCP Labor partner and Working Group member; and Jeff Byron former CEC Commisioner.


At the Business of Local Energy Symposium organized by the Center for Climate Protection. All about Community Choice Energy. Listening to the “Energy Democracy” breakout session with Dolores Weller of the Central Valley Air Quality District, Dr. Gisele Fong of Clean Our Ports, Joe Galliani of South Bay Clean Power, Jessica Tovar of Local Clean Energy Alliance, and Jennifer Kropke of IBEW





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